I am so proud to have the brilliant agent team at Take 3 Talent in my court. They’ll be partnering with my management team at The Talent Express and I’m looking forward to creating great storytelling opportunities for all of us.

In The Reincarnated Radio Podcast: Hosted by David Stishan, this podcast recreates the lost horror gems of Old Time Radio. In the most recent episode “Devil Doctor,” I play a new homeowner who just won’t heed the warnings that renovating the basement would be a terrible idea.

Get Chained up for the holidays! No, you saucy thing, not that. The Chain Theatre has found a way to bring the Holiday Spirit into everyone’s homes by producing Miracle on 34th Street, Radio Play! and I’m playing several characters. Adapted and directed by Greg Cicchino, Miracle on 34th Street, streams December 18, 19, 20 and 21. Ticket holders may stream at any time within those days.

Benefit Tickets are $11 and may be purchased through the above link.