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I'm originally from Long Island, which you'll detect in my speech when I'm tired. After graduating from Miller Place High School in New York, I moved on to Syracuse University to pursue a degree in Music Theatre, Vocal Jazz and Stage Management. My pride and joy was my Senior Honors Thesis – a live and multi-media presentation celebrating Duke Ellington's influence in Music Theatre. Just pop on over to the Ellington archives in the Smithsonian if you would like to watch the video or read the thesis. Then again, you could just come to my apartment in Manhattan, NY.

Proud to be a Boston actor for seven years, I moved back to New York after getting into the actor unions and now work in Manhattan as a singer, actor, and voice-over talent. My career has found me for the most part playing several characters at a time with only a week of rehearsal. I've voiced several characters for Disney's FINDING NEMO: THE MUSICAL, toured the nation as the MC and principal vocalist for a 15-piece 1940's big band, and played most of Shakespeare's women in less than ninety minutes. It's a wonderful time and I look forward to sharing more of this work with you!

Please feel free to e-mail me with your PG rated questions, comments and concerns and, should you choose, I'll put you on my mailing list.

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