Get Chained up for the holidays! No, you saucy thing, not that. The Chain Theatre has found a way to bring the Holiday Spirit into everyone’s homes by producing Miracle on 34th Street, Radio Play! and I’m playing several characters. Adapted and directed by Greg Cicchino, Miracle on 34th Street, streams December 18, 19, 20 and 21. Ticket holders may stream at any time within those days.

Benefit Tickets are $11 and may be purchased through the above link.

Despite having no aesthetic distance and not being able to watch horror movies, I keep working on these:

Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets Gay! It’s a horror podcast, but Patrick Walsh brings me on for the fun camp stuff. We discussed CLASH OF THE TITANS-the one with Maggie Smith, and Harry Hamlin’s right nipple.

ALSO, The Reincarnated Radio Podcast: Hosted by David Stishan, this podcast recreates the lost horror gems of Old Time Radio. The most recent episode “The Vengeful Corpse” features me in four different roles.


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