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We raised $3,601,355 for meals and medication, health care and hope for those who need them most.


I participated by standing outside Broadway shows, collecting with the red buckets…

Screlting as a pit singer for two of the numbers…

And living my best Kosher Showgirl Life representing the Starlite Deli in honor of Mr. Min’s retirement…

…into the final Bonnet Mountain tableau.

Remember that audio adaptation for Presence, the Play last year in which I played three characters, including a mockingbird?

It’s been cleaning up the awards and just got another beautiful review in

"Doug Shapiro’s Mock is a wonder to hear, and amid his trills and squawks and babbling bits of garbled words, a character emerges that’s as sweet as it is intelligent. This is no small feat.”

I am now working with the good folks at M Simulation, an entirely virtual standardized patient program based out of the University of Minnesota. First case: they have to talk me through a complex dental plan.

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