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On November 7 at 7:30pm, join the soloists of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church choir for an evening benefiting the International Red Cross! I'll be singing Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Nancy LaMott and more!


The concert will be held at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church on November 9th, 2023 at 7:30pm. The proceeds from this concert will be directed towards supporting the International Red Cross.

After teaching the Business of Acting for Musical Theatre Majors ten years ago, Doug is returning to Pace University, this time as a Standardized Patient with the College of Health Professions.

First case: Alcohol Withdrawal!

For my 23rd year with The Barnstormers, they tasked me with this gorgeous one-man 90-minute adventure. Huge challenge. Standing ovations every night. Great sharing with the audience. And both reviews called it a "tour de force." Not bad for three weeks' work.

Doug Shapiro in FULLY COMMITTED at The Barnstormers Theatre (2023)

From the lovely BroadwayWorld review by Dan Marois:

"Every character is masterfully created by Shapiro who must carry both sides of every conversation, making lightning-fast switches between Sam and the caller, then racing to another phone to get the next call, while placing several more on hold.
Casting the right actor is crucial to the show’s success. The person needs an enormous amount of energy to traverse the expanse of the set, juggle the absurdity of the situation, and create distinctive characters in voice and physical presence. Directors, Dori Robinson and Jordan Ahnquist, made a brilliant choice in casting Shapiro for the role. He is comfortable with the demands of the part and keeps the audience engaged in every moment with comic genius and perfect command of the stage.
Shapiro garnered a quick standing ovation on opening night. It is well deserved for his brilliance of keeping the audience “fully engaged” in this unique production, Fully Committed."

Doug Shapiro in FULLY COMMITTED at The Barnstormers Theatre (2023)
Review_ Doug Shapiro wows in 'Fully Committed'_Conway Daily Sun
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Also read the Conway Daily Sun review...

with more pictures!

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