Every week, Doug and Chico (the Redheaded Amazon parrot) will be reading the work of their author friends over Facebook Live to raise money for The Actors Fund. Head on over to the campaign at www.JustGiving.com/Fundraising/DougAndChico for more information and to donate generously!

Doug and Chico Presents!
Doug and Chico Presents: A Fundraiser for The Actor's Fund

It’s my second article for MedSchoolTutors.com and this one is called Telemedicine Camera Tips: From the Actor, To the Medical Student. It’s about exactly what you think it’s about.

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I am so proud to have the brilliant agent team at Take 3 Talent in my court. They’ll be partnering with my management team at The Talent Express and I’m looking forward to creating great storytelling opportunities for all of us.